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Recruiting & Company Culture

Team building and recruiting through company culture videos.

Orientation & Training

Redundant tasks need not be repeated. Focus your message while ensuring that it gets across. We bring your orientation and training tasks to life.


We are experts in creating internal and external communications. Product Sales, Demonstration and Safety Videos, Team Building Initiatives, Social Media content and campaigns are just a few of our service areas.

Product Demos

We bring fresh ideas to cliché demonstrations. Show your product off in a whole new light.

Our Work

Why Angel Films


Angel Films is a film and strategic media company well versed in the art of visual storytelling. We listen to our clients, distill their message, then deliver campaigns that resonate and succeed.

We have had the good fortune to work with many amazing people and brands, such as GORE, The World Bank, Nike, Daimler, Whole Foods Global, Navistar/International, The United Way, KBR, SCA Global, Wharton, The Reinvestment Fund, The Food Trust, Freightliner Trucks, Thermo Scientific, The Conference Board, The National Council for Behavioral Health, to name a few.

We excel in the arena of information delivery.

When Whole Foods Market asked us to extend their in-store experience to a larger web audience we launched the brand into social media. Establishing their first blogs, producing online videos and podcasts, and managing their Twitter account that currently boasts 3.84 Million followers.

When asked by Daimler Trucks International to drive sales of a stagnant parts line we created training video modules powered by a robust interactive database that empowered administrators to monitor, track, and educate their sales force. The result, an educated sales force increased annual sales of this $30M parts line to $46M.

Said simply We Love a Challenge.

Video is a must

When it comes to employee training and orientation, most organizations have pretty straightforward goals: increase value and reduce costs. That’s a big reason why so many companies have incorporated eLearning into their strategies – and why on-demand video has become a preferred format for online training content.

Studies show that audiences retain information at a much higher rate when they can see and hear it. In fact, Forrester Research reports that when it comes to training retention, one minute of video is equal to about 1.8 million written words.

Video gives you a chance to define your company's culture both internally and in your B2B and B2C communication strategies. Angel Films are experts in helping companies refine their message to make sure it resonates and engages with their target audience.

"Video increases peoples understanding of your product or service by 74%" ~Digital Sherpa

"Youtube is the number 2 search engine in the world" ~ Forbes

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Testimonials We've been honored to work with many great companies.


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